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Do you still feel like crap but you eat “right”and exercise? Could you be depleted in Vitamin B-12?

No one is immune to the day to day stresses take a toll on us and while we claim to eat right and exercise but are we really? Sometimes you still feel like crap and you don’t know why. Maybe you are missing one of the crucial vitamins that our bodies need. Vit B-12. By the age of 60, our bodies have depleted 40% of the Vit B 12 that we need! The solution isn’t necessarily more animal protein. Purchase the the book below for yourself and find out more!

Silence isn’t Golden

silence isn't goldenSilence isn’t golden and I believe its the cause of my headache. In 15 years, my family has only been quiet for at most 10 minutes at a time or when everyone goes to sleep but then I am usually asleep too. In our family there is always someone doing something and usually when it is quiet there is something wrong. Today is different, everyone is involved in their own projects approved by both my husband and I. I am not use to the quiet, I think I am going to have to make some of my own noise. LOL.


Hi there

Hi there everyone, it’s been one heck of a week. It wasn’t filled with anything big on the calendar but some how everyday was filled.

Monday was homeschooling, online work, and taxi cabbing the kids to classes.

Tuesday was pretty much the same.

Wednesday, this was fun. We homeschooled and then our oldest son, Adam had an audition and we split for that and came home. At the start of the afternoon somewhere between the time we arrived and a friend that came over shortly after, a termite swarm invaded our foyer and later our kitchen and our butler’s pantry. Now these are not the type to bite or eat the house, no not at all. These are the type that just have the purpose of procreating more termites.. ick!!!! So anyway, we were told not to use poison because that would bring more up from the nest and to use windex and we ended up with windex puddles on the floor to slow them down.

Thursday was waiting for the termite guy, then cleaning up the windex puddles, homeschooling, and website work.

Friday- We homeschooled and after, I had to make a google ad. Man, that is frustrating! Creating one Google ad is like being in an endless maze! Two hrs later and a call to support I finally finished our one day ad. I was irritated but relieved and I declared out loud to my hubby never again!

The day has not ended yet, one kid will go to a class while the others will be doing something with Dad at home. I will have the opportunity to create two new websites, yeah! cause its creative fun!

I am looking forward to tomorrow because while its not much different than the week has been, its a fresh start on a new day.

Hope you guys have plans for a great weekend.


In the Crazy Holiday Season, Remember Take Time to Laugh!

Hi Busymamas and other fans of my website, life gets really crazy this time a year and someone of us even take it up notch. Last year at this time, we were establishing home base 2 to make it easier for our oldest son to get to the auditions, bookings, and classes that he needs so he can further his career. My hubby did his best to help out while trying to continue working consistently at home base 1. You would have thought that I had learned not to do this again at this time of year but this year I am repeating the exact same craziness by changing home base 2 to another location just before Santa’s visit. lol.

Yes the stress gets to me at times, I have great support and I know the new location will make a huge difference in our day to day lives so we have time to do other things that we wanted to do this past year. Having just written that, I am actually admitting consciously that we will be kicking it up a notch in 2013.

I have learned one thing about my craziness and family craziness, for my health and theirs , I remember to take the time to laugh. I found this on facebook today and I was able to pull it off and embed it here. Enjoy, it made me smile and take a few moments.


The Busy Mama Site and Blog…

Hi there, Thanks for stopping by the Busy Mama. I have revamped this site several times because life gets really busy and I have let it lapse. Oops! I have an amazing hubby, four boys and four cats. I homeschool my kids, oversee a homeschool group, create websites, craft, and I am the taxi driver for our boys.I like art and making art, I like every type of music except for rap (that sucks and you can’t spin it to make it likeable either) and I like to play in the kitchen. Am I good? Mmmm.. I said play not cook or bake, I think I am better at baking than cooking but I can’t really whip something up like how Audrey Hepburn did in Breakfast at Tiffanys. I am not a Super Mama and please do not confuse the two. I sometimes have dishes in the sink, laundry needing to be done, and a pool that needs to be cleaned. My top three concerns day to day are my hubby, my kids and our fur people, and me. Note: Not always in that order.

So what is this blog going to be about? Everything and Anything. I will try to categorize my posts so if you find something you like and want to come back to see it again, you will be able to find it. I can’t say that I won’t lapse in the future but I will try not to. Come back and visit from time to time and see what’s new and if you want to share, please do.