1st Pic of Noob Garden in 2017

Howdy to those following this blog made by Crazy Busy Mama. 🙂

Below is the first picture of the garden this season. After the rain in March, my family and I have been in and out of there trying to pull it together.. Everything was very green and looked so pretty but it mostly weeds. My son, Blake took charge of getting rid of the weeds in the garden and my son, Aiden took charge of getting rid of the weeds outside of the garden using his weed wacker. My son, Adam moved all the heavy plants, yeah he did some complaining because sometimes I moved them back to the original spot. Since we got back into it, we have had cool days and frickin hot ones, along with days with pretty strong wind. What I learned from last year is the plants need a steady water source, some shade,some protection from the wind, and minimal attention in the winter unless you are growing winter vegetables which I did not but I am thinking about it this year.

So that brings me up to today, we have most of the weeds out, and there are a lot more plants.I learned about the self irrigation system on fb and put it in place for some plants and left some with hand watering.. mainly the trees and established plants. I created lots of shading with pvc and shade cover , I ended having to rebuild it a few times when we experienced nights of strong wind.

There is a lot in there.. Cukes, Watermelon, a variety of peppers, orange trees, lemon tree, apple trees, cherry trees, pomegranate trees, peach trees, honeydew melons, tomatoes (cross your fingers I succeed with them this year), avocado, squash, berry bushes, grape vines, tangelo tree, nut trees, citronella shrubs, a fig tree , and seneca bush, .. There are lots of flowers , bushes, and vines too to attract the pollinators. I have more to put in, they sit on my driveway. My hubby wants the driveway back but I am not quite there.. lol. Hopefully I will have it clearer this week, we will see. Tune back in and find out. K

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