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Halloween 2008

Halloween was a big event when they were little.. We all got dressed up and walked around the two circles in our neighborhood. After one night of candy and little more the next day, the kids had no problems tossing it out.

Throwback 2008 – Homeschooling Day in China Town

Only Adam attended this homeschooling event, the other three were just a little too young. Held every year, homeschoolers come from everywhere to be a part of it. There were some schools but homeschoolers outnumbered them easily. 🙂

Throwback -Homeschool Farm Day 2008

This was really fun, farmers come from all over to introduce kids to animals and other things that are on a farm. This event was for both homeschoolers and public school students, homeschoolers got to stay all day if they wanted because they were not Read More…

Blake’s 8th Bday -2008

Grandma Iris and Grandpa Bob came up to join us and celebrate Blake turning 8.

Throwback 2008 -Our Visit to the Pig Farm

Our visit to pig farm happened when we joined other homeschoolers for the fieldtrip. Adam was 8, Kyle was 7, Blake was 5, and Aiden was 2. It was a lot of fun and great experience learning about pigs on the farm. We also met Read More…