Just Sayin.. This is in the DTaP

Just Sayin..  This is in the DTaP

This is in the DTap shot, you know the combo shot that doctors give to babies 3x in their first year of life then more another one by the age of 5 and yet another when they start junior high school, and anytime it seems warrented by “knowledgable professionals. DTaP Sterility agent. Tell me again about our caring government….

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Did you know?
Glutaraldehyde is the 3rd listed ingredient in the DTAP vaccine! I copied the below paragraph right out of the OSHA handbook on handling this ingredient in the medical facilities. The paragraph also mentions formaldehyde as a carcinogen, and that is the 2nd ingredient listed in the DTAP.
Glutaraldehyde’s properties as a chemical sterilant were initially recognized in the early 1960s as the health care industry searched for a safer alternative to formaldehyde, which is regulated by OSHA as a carcinogen (29 CFR 1910.1048). In the years since its introduc- tion as a disinfectant/sterilant, glutaraldehyde has been linked with a variety of health effects – ranging from mild to severe – including asthma, breathing difficulties, respiratory irritation, and skin rashes (Pryor, 1984; Crandall, 1987).

Just sayin.. Read your inserts.. You can say NO!