Month: January 2019

Making My First Batch of Chicken Noodle Soup. :)

Like 2018, where I made the resolution to make all breads and tortillas our family consumed the whole year, I started 2019 with the pledge to learn how to make our favorite soups from scratch and to learn how to can. Tonight I made chicken noodle soup accompanied with homemade french bread. The meal came […]

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I changed my website’s name.

A Homestead can be anywhere, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve acres of land, farm, farm animals or even be rural. The word “homestead” may conjure up images of pioneers staking their claim on the open prairie, but for legal purposes, a homestead simply means a person’s primary residence.  Our home is beyond a home where a family […]

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Blake in his first week of college.

Blake and one of his art pieces from Art class 201

Our #3 son, Blake took an art class to meet one of his general education requirements. This was one that it is teacher was impressed with and I really liked it too. Please follow and like us:0

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