Baking Bread Take Two


A few years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to not buy any bread at the store for a year, I would bake it.
Great resolution right? I had no idea how to bake bread I turned to you tube and learned how to bake bread by following a you tube family, The Big Family Homestead. Brad and Krista made so simple that it was easy to copy in my own kitchen and I did.

I made bread for the entire year with exception to sourdough, I also made pizza dough, bagels and tortillas. After the year was over, I made bread for a little while and then I totally stopped. Looking back at why I took a hiatus my son says was my interest in canning kind of exploded that I left no time to bake.

So I am back to baking bread, which is why I named this post Baking Bread Take Two. I could not reason spending $9 on loaf of bread and that wouldn’t be organic and it would have questionable ingredients. This time it will be for the long term, I love the smell of fresh bread in the air. I love the taste of fresh bread. I Like knowing what is in the bread and I do not like wasting money.

Try it for yourself! Bon Appetite!

Big Family Homestead French Bread Video

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