This is Noob Garden…

I am a newbie gardener and this is my garden, slash my and replace it with our. It was initially my plan to create a container garden in the backyard but the light was bad and the plants could get splashed with the pool water so I moved them to the driveway. I started a year ago with with just a dwarf lemon tree and this year because it not only didn’t die on me but gave us lemons, I kind of went a little wild in the garden center. Next thing you know, my oldest was digging holes for my plants in our front yard, and two of my other sons were watering them. Here are my most recent pictures including ones from this morning that show the fence I put up last night . It turned out some of the wild life in our area (pretty sure the raccoons live in the trees next door) came down from their homes and noshed on my cantaloupe vinces, pomegranate, and pumpkin vines. When I actually get more than just a few, I will leave them some of my garden on the outside of the fence but for now.. they are being left out. Can you see the one thing missing in my garden? It is a gate. Yep, I forgot the gate. Lol









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  • Hi Beau, Happy Holidays! Hugs from our family to yours 🙂 Aiden is schedule is pretty open this week.. Tomorrow and Thursday totally free. Friday, he is going to gone after 3 our time. Then on Saturday until Jan 3rd, we are gone for an hour between 4 and 5. We feed the parking lot kitties at the dance studio. We have been doing this for 4 years now and they count on us. 🙂 He is busy at other times but if you guys are already online, I just push off the other until you guys are done. What is your snail mail address so that Aiden can send you a holiday card? Kristina, Aiden’s Mom