My Extreme Couponing Days. – Throwback to 2011

Yes, I was an extreme couponer and I was really good at it. I saved lots of money and we used everything . My kids were 12, 11, 8 and 6 at the time and they were involved in it too. They helped me cut the coupons and put them in my binder, and they helped me at the store also. It took us over 18 mos to finish using all the toilet paper, paper towel, personal hygiene items.. Now the downside, we moved 8 months later and there was almost a full truck of stuff to move. Lucky, most of the what I had was light and could be thrown in boxes with heavier items. Here are some throwback pics from those days, I stored in my extra room.

Keys to saving money with coupons: Stack your coupons– use a manufacturer’s coupon with a coupon from say, Walgreens. Check out all the grocery circulars and watch the cycles, Keep a binder with coupons. Clip every Sunday. When a deal comes up , get the whole family involved and everyone redeems some of the coupons. Give away if you have a friend that needs some, don’t hoard.

FFW to today, I no longer coupon. I no longer buy any of what you see in the pictures. I have become very much aware of the chemicals and what they do to us so you will never see any of these products in my home again.