Skip the Idiot Box, and Go Read With Your Kids.

Reading is key. A child that can read and understands what he reads will never be bored.  Reading a book, a good book transforms its characters into the reader’s new bffs and takes the reader to places that he has never been. The reader can go slay a dragon, protect a castle, sail the seven seas, climb a tall mountain, ride in a spaceship, and become the leader of a nation and all from a safe place. Results of reading euphoria is first and foremost the initial budding of passion about life and everything that is in it. It sparks play and projects, it encourages the reader to think.

How do you get this started? Skip the idiot box. open a book and read to your child.  Read with your child and go on an adventure. Take it further and extend a search for information from the story by looking on the net. Don’t play teacher, talk about the story, share the reading experience. Reading with your children provides many many memories of shared times for both of you. It gives you an opportunity to get to know your kid beyond a shared meal and 10 minutes in the car.

Here is a link to help you spend less time finding amazing books to read with your kids.
Amazing Lovelly Things Booklist