Noob Garden Update #7

Hi there, we have officially given the garden a name and previous posts now reflect that name in their titles. 🙂 It has been a month since the last update so let me quickly update you.. We are in the middle of October and the weather just got cooler. We are harvesting from several plants- pics below and we have added another dwarf orange tree, a dwarf cherry tree, a blackberry bush, two blueberry bushes, and a plant known as a Senna. Senna was an unplanned purchase, I ran into the garden section to pick up pool supplies and passed by her, her leaves got my eye and I had to bring her home. I don’t know much about her yet but she is a bush, and her leaves and pods are used in many meds for their laxative effect (herbal book).

Here are some pics from the garden taken in the today and the last week. Enjoy.