Jan 20th, Trump takes Office. (yes, there are typos)

Reflection on today… There was a very large quiet portion of the US population across the nation that voted for Trump because they were not happy with the way things were going, They were not happy the way the DNC ended up., the forced acceptance of the TPP, the ACA, the support of Agenda 21, the education system/CC, the increase in homeless and unemployment, the insistence by our govt to ignore the importance of informed consent, and so many, many other issues.

>>>The one thing to me that was very noticeable that easily could be seen on fb and some news shows (although the news in the last few years is more like reading a cheap magazine from the check out isle at the market) is how so many people would get on the air to state their thoughts,and use the same line almost word for word as everyone on why they don’t like him or why they liked her but then when asked to elaborate on those thoughts, they couldn’t, they would stumble and the reporter has to fill the dead air space.

>>> I wonder how many that voted, truly did some research on who to vote for or just voted the way everyone else did as if it was voting for a who wore it best with two celebrities wearing the same outfit.

>>>How many were too busy or didn’t care to read beyond the cliff notes available to them before the voted for the most important office in the nation?? ?How many only listened to one news channel like CNN, the leader in fake news?? How many voted the way main media wanted them to and didn’t dig deeper for actual info to make such an important decision??. This decision was more than just a silly online poll.

>>>The election process and all the bull shit that followed would have been so much different if people chose to read, research, and actively debate on the issues and what the candidates stood for , if they knew more about the candidates (all of them or at least the last four-2 on each side) . It would have changed the flow if we demanded more from our media and did not let them just present “the fluff”. They presented the fluff because that is all of what we asked of them. If the public did more than acted like sheep and read more than cliff notes or watch one minute and 30 sec blurbs. I do not think the popular vote would have been so large if there was more thought, more consideration on their voting decisions.

>>>I hope the next 4 years we as a nation become a much stronger, well educated body of citizens and no longer behave like sheep. Just sayin..