Why Many Are Sick… This is Spot ON!

Why Many Are Sick… a title I am giving this post posted by a friend on FB. I initially shared it on FB but it is too good to let it go into the past there and never see or share it again, so here it is.. Just Sayin

Wanna know why it’s so easy to believe all these conspiracies? Because they make more sense than the official story. Does it make sense that we were placed on a planet governed by a light that will cause cancer if our skin is exposed to it? And the proposed solution is to use a sun blocking cream, whose ingredients are proven to cause skin cancer, and prevent your body from making vitamin D, which prevents multiple types of cancer and sickness in general? Does it make sense that foods our ancestors ate for thousands of years is bad for us, causes heart disease and cancer, and what is the solution? Your GMO corn and soy based frankenfoods with a shelf life of forever? But don’t worry, they are ‘enriched’ with a fraction of the necessary vitamins and minerals, which of course are synthetic so our bodies don’t even recognize them. And don’t you dare consume anything with bacteria, like fermented vegetables and raw dairy, which is widely used in other cultures for optimum health, and be sure to wash it away every chance you get, nevermind that we are MADE of it, and need it to properly digest and assimilate nutrients. Water? Who needs water when you have brightly colored, caffeinated, artificially flavored juices? There are even ones with characters for the kids, fun for the whole family! All that sugar making you fat? Not to worry, aspartame is here to save the day. Who cares if it causes just as much weight gain, because it’s 0 calories and you won’t remember anyways, as it kills off brain cells and causes Alzheimer’s. Nevermind that our bodies are 70+% water. We will adapt, but not before a myriad of seemingly unrelated health issues and multiple western medicine remedies that cure nothing but health. If you do choose the healthier alternative of drinking only water, make sure you get a filter to get rid of fluoride, another known neurotoxin that’s added to most municipal water supplies.. did you or anyone you know vote for that? If they care so much about our teeth rotting (they don’t), maybe they should quit advertising soda and candy on every commercial. There is however, a grand solution for cavities. Mercury fillings. Mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to man leeching into your body 24/7, pay no attention to the dentist in the next cubicle, who has to wear a hazmat suit to remove these mercury fillings. And as if it could get any worse, one of the most reactive substances to mercury, that is never supposed to be mixed with it, aluminium, is literally raining down on us every day. Who knows what chemtrails are? Those lovely crisscross patterns in the sky? Think they are just plane exhaust? Then why are they there some days and none on others, or why can you see spaces in the trails where they stopped spraying for a second? Geoengineering is real, and there are patents for it. Do you remember asking for aluminium to be sprayed on you and your family? Is all this stressing you out? Maybe take a second to take some deep breaths, or meditate. Something we are not taught in school, did we learn anything useful there? Or you could do what all our civilised friends do, spend lots of money at the bar getting wasted or take pills to numb the reality of it all. Remember all those studies on the safety of technology? Me either.. but don’t worry about that, when your phone is next to your reproductive organs 24/7, or the blue light from your TV is ruining any chance you had of healing during your sleep, or when a TV is strapped to your face, or when you go for a run with a computer strapped to your wrist-a meridian point. Don’t worry about sitting in wifi all day at work, or about all these cell towers bouncing off you and your technology. The electromagnetic frequencies are invisible so they can’t hurt you… Kind of like Fukushima radiation. But if you do end up with a brain tumor, check to see if it’s the same shape as your cellphone antenna. Speaking of tumors, rats that eat GMO foods get them, and fetal cells which are used in vaccines are extremely tumorogenic. Yes, there are cells from aborted babies in your vaccines, listed right on the ingredients. Just check the CDC website. Remember our friend mercury? That’s also in vaccines. Toxic enough for hazmat suits, yet gentle enough for the smallest of infants once put in a vial and injected under the skin.. speaking of tiny babies and the CDC, remember when cigarettes were touted as healthy to smoke during pregnancy, and that a low birth weight made for easy delivery? Remember when they didn’t cause lung cancer? Oh and about cancer, they may not know the cause (they do) but by all means do they have an expensive treatment, and you can bet it’ll involve being poisoned, (chemo) cut, (surgery) or burned, (skin cancer) … Did you know chemo and radiation are CARCINOGENIC, that’s means ‘cancer causing’ – a bit backwards, no? Why don’t they ever suggest eating healthier, and avoiding toxins? Why does every person I know with cancer eat nothing but fast food or processed food? Ever wondered why the FOOD administration and DRUG administration are working together? It’s because the food makes you sick, and there is indeed ‘A pill for every ill’ There is one thing these health organizations (CDC, AMA, FDA, WHO, etc..) have in common. And as you can see from the rapidly deteriorating health of everyone around you, despite only consuming what these people say is safe, it is not your health they care about. I hate to scare anyone, but for every problem, there are 500 solutions. The first one being to care about these things.

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