Saving Money with the Laundry, it does add up.

Saving money while you are doing the laundry is a smart move. You can save for a rainy day or a vacation, or pay off something you have on credit. A conservative estimate of what one person spends on laundry a year is $665. Source: Pure Fresh So what can you do?

1. Making your own laundry soap is cost-effective.

Just one gallon of store bought laundry detergent is around $10. When making your own, it can be as inexpensive as $2 and combine with water can make 10 gallons. So spend $100 or spend $1.49, it is your choice.

The best recipe that I have found yet is from Becky’s Homestead. Becky has a vlog segment called Becky’s Homemade Laundry Soap which you can see here. Becky’s Homemade Laundry Soap. For the cost of $1.49 bar zote, 5 gallons of water, and a 5 gallon bucket which you can pick up all three items at avHome Depot or at a Lowe’s, you can make 10 gallons of soap. Savings can be upwards of $100-$150 a month depending what laundry soap brand you previous bought. The clothes come out smelling fresh and clean. Are you wondering about using it in a high efficiency washer? I have one and it’s no problem.

2. Use a manual washer

In warmer months, my kids and I do our laundry outside using 2 plastic tubs, a breathing manual washer, and manual wringer like one. This is great for light weight clothes worn in spring and summer, maybe even fall depending where you are at. And although bulky items and towels can be done too, I like leaving them for the machine.

3. Skip the dryer and use a clothesline.

Okay, I know not all of this can do this because of HOA rules and no outside space, but for small loads and a nice day, you can run an inside laundry line and hang it there. Use a fan pointed toward the clothes or open the doors to let the breeze come through.

Now there is some investment in setting this up such as buying the breathing manual washer tool approx. $20 and a wringer approx $20- $60 (this comes with a bucket) , but I think its worth it. Per load we use less water, we wash 5 items at a time and light dirty items first saving the real dirty ones to the end. Savings- yes, how much depends on you. It is one wash, ,then wringing out extra water, then one rinse, wringing out extra water again, and up on the clothing line. We use the grey water in the garden after further cutting down watering costs outside. Another plus of manual washing is you can actually get some muscles in your forearms. Savings again- no gym cost.

plastic tub <clothesline

I hope this gives you some ideas to trimming down what you spend. My reason for doing this is that utility costs here are out of control, store bought laundry soap is expensive and full of chemicals some they do not even have to put on the box!,my family is stuck in this state for now, and I like saving money if its easy and healthier.

I am signing off for now, The Busy Mama.

This blog segment may have a few to many typos, I am just jetting it all down while making some potato pancakes and fresh bread.

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