Don’t let it’s Size Freak You Out!

canned potato jars

Don’t let it’s Size Freak You Out!

The canner was so big that I put it in the cabinet and left it there. Three years ago I watched a video on pressure canning and I liked the idea so much that I bought canner online right away. While I waited for its arrival, I thought of everything that I could can. I thought of how would save us money and we would have no reason to eat out. The day came and the canner arrived, my excitement came to a pause, the canner was big. It was big and intimidating so I put in the cabinet.

Fast forward to today after three years of watching more canning videos , I decided that it was time. First project potatoes and I followed Linda’s video on Linda’s Pantry. It was all so easy and the potatoes came out great! I can not wait to can again. We should’ve learned this skill in school in place of pe!

So, Don’t let it’s Size Freak You Out! Until later thanks for coming!
The Busy Mama

The Busy Mama.

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Give a try!
The Busy Mama