Why Did I Get Up At 7am on August 29th ?

Why did I get up at 7am on August 29th? I got up at 7am to read my power meter at the same time as the meter reader, and confirm it with a picture. I don’t know how other utilities read their customers meters but with mine, they prefer to estimate or read it from afar and this leaves a huge room for error and a much larger power bill. Knowing how to read your own meter and to verify the meter reading is correct is an important thing to practice and do.

Yes, I would rather sleep in…

Yes, I would rather sleep in, but other than installing a smart meter there is no other option. Smart meters are a bad alternative and very dangerous if they malfunction. I never gave it much thought that the read would be anything but correct until last September when we received a power bill that could legally be considered obscene. It was then I learned about the meter person’s alternatives to get a meter read by estimating and reading the meter from the neighbor’s yard.

Last September;s bill was 3x larger than the cycle before and it just didn’t make sense. While our use goes up, only two big changes occurred more water in the pool and the ac would be used but still not enough to justify have a bill that was thousands of dollars. The only theory we had was that the read of the prior bill and ones before that were mostly estimates. It was such a mess, a big lesson learned verify your meter readings.

Do you read your power meter? You should, here is how.

It is really easy to read your meter. Here is a link with simple steps on how.
How to Correctly Read Your Power Meter
If you have a different meter, the internet has other directions on other meters.

Can you read this meter?

Why did I get up at 7am on August 29th, ladwp customer meter
What do you think the number is? If you read 08032, you are right. The far left hand is not quite yet on the 1 so it is a 0, the rest of the numbers are clear, 8,0,3, and 2.

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