Super Easy Recipe to Can Apricot Jam !

Ez Apricot Jam

Looking for a super easy recipe to can apricot jam? You found it!


4lbs Apricots- rinsed well, 5 1/2 cups of sugar, and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice.


    Rinse 4 lbs of Apricots well and put in pot, pour sugar over apricots, place lid on pot leaving a sliver of inside pot still viewable. Turn on burner to lowest setting and check back in 10 min to stir and stir occasionally until fruit and sugar heat up. Once moderately warm, increase heat closer to medium and stir every 5 min.

    Stir every five minutes until it starts showing small bubbles. Stir in the lemon juice as it boils consistently until you see the jam begin to gel. It is now time to pour the jam into the jars. Use a funnel and a ladle to pour in the hot jam stopping an inch from the top.

    Clean the rim of each jar with a damp paper towel before setting on a lid and a ring. Tighten the jar firm by hand and place in water bath canner. Once all jars are in canner and water is at least an inch higher than the tallest jar. Place lid on canner, and turn burner on medium and cover jar. If you start with hot water, and put in jars with hot jam, canner will reach boiling sooner.

    Boil for 10 min. Turn off burner and pull out each jar carefully on to tea towel. Leave the jars there until they all ping and cool. Once cool clean outside of jar and place on shelf for 24-48 hours to relax.

    Optional: Adding vinegar to your canning water before you begin the water bath.

    While this is not necessary, if you have a high mineral content in your water, the vinegar keeps the jars from looking cloudy.

Questiona that I received through email.

1.Did I cut the apricots in half and remove the pits?
Answer: No, as the sugar and apricots heat up, the fruit loses shape and the pits come out. I took a spoon to easily pick out the pits (dark in color).

2. How much does this make? Well 4lbs of apricots made 4 – 8oz jars and 1 – 16 oz jar.

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