We Tried Our Hand At Breaded Chicken


“Hand At Breaded Chicken” the bagged chicken for home made version that tasted same, had no seed oils, and a breading that was not made with gmo flour.

Let me write that this is a long time coming. I have been trying to change out (we ar oven fried baked chicken in our a family of 6)

We tried to do this at an earlier time and with the oil and the flour making a huge clean up in the kitchen for a few pieces. After sometime we tried again using an air-fryer and while we didn’t have a big issue with the oil, the size of the fryer, having a dish for the eggs. the flour, the breading, the cooking that it was still a pill to do clean up and then cooking clean up.

I was starting to feel as if we would not be able to find a breaded chicken that would be good enough to replace the breaded chicken , the one my whole family likes to reach for a snack or late dinner that does not damage the budget.

Well we have found success that my family is willing to switch.

This is going to be a long post and written in several steps , more photos, and likely eliminate most of the questions  you will have.  Please return for more.  Thanks.

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