Family, what does the word mean to you? Immediate? Extended? Only blood related or those you choose to call family? However you define it, family is important. It shapes each one of us and pushes us to use our brain to make choices, hopefully the right ones. If you make the wrong decisions, you can’t blame family because you made the decision.


A Visit with the Cousins.

Finally after sometime of trying to meet up, we had an opportunity and got together for frozen yogurt. The kids had not seen each other in 3 years and before that I can not remember. So today after the visit to the Dr. G (DDS), we connected with Adam, Teresa, and their kids for yogurt. […]

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Blake has got to wear shades.

Not the greatest filming I know. Holding a not so light camera higher up to get the shot is not that easy. I hope to get a better copy.

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Blake tapping to Dixieland Christmas at Knotts

Sorry for the distortion, I had Adam’s heavy camera which was hard to hold in the air and the sun was shinning on the screen so I couldn’t see what I was filming either. I just pointed and hit record. I hope to get better clips from another parent.

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A Halloweenie Activity

Halloweenie activity at our house for Vince and the boys.. Meanwhile, I succeed in getting all the laundry done!

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Adam’s Degrees

Adam completed 5 AAs and a GE transfer in 2 1/2 years at the CC with honors,  he is heading to CSUN in Fall 2018.

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Trip out to Palm Desert

We went to Palm Desert the other day to visit my Mom and Bob on vacation. Adam took a few pictures.

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Unexpected Garden Harvest at Noob Garden

I went into the garden today to transplant two trees to pots and found an unexpected harvest. Sox thinks the basket of basil, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers smells awesome.

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