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Adam’s Degrees

Adam’s Degrees

Adam completed 5 AAs and a GE transfer in 2 1/2 years at the CC with honors,  he is heading to CSUN in Fall 2018.

Reading Lists

My kids read a lot, below is a list that I assembling of books they read or we read not always asked to read, the majority were their choices encouraged by books placed everywhere in our home. 🙂 Leave it out and they will check Read More…


Hi. Please excuse the typos, I just got up. There are a lot of free and inexpensive materials out there and really there is no need to join a program. We have been homeschooling for 12 1/2 years and my first son (we have 4 sons)at 18, is graduating college in June with honors The important thing to remember is to have fun and when its not working- try something else..teach/instill/facilitate the love to learn something/anything that way your child/children will extend his/her interests for him/herself. This works for kids that have no problems and kids that do and it is okay to skip a day, do something on a weekend, work at night.. etc.. you are the admin.

Homeschooling on the Hwy.

Homeschooling on the Hwy.

When they were younger, we did a lot of traveling between Vegas and LA. To shorten the time of the drive (in their minds), my kids brought their workbooks and worked on them in the car. It was their idea, how many public schoolers choose Read More…

Homeschooling Fieldtrip – Las Vegas Raceway 2009

Homeschooling Fieldtrip – Las Vegas Raceway 2009

This was a regional field trip to the Las Vegas Raceway and Shelby Museum hosted by LVVHSN – all the homeschoolers in the valley were invited to join in . We traveled in these carts that looked like they were out of the Flintstone era Read More…

Halloween Homeschool Party at the Park.. 2008

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Throwback 2011  – Blackjack gets involved in homeschooling.

Throwback 2011 – Blackjack gets involved in homeschooling.

Here’s a Homeschooling Throwback to 2010. Blackjack always had to be with Adam in someway when he did his work.


The nice thing about homeschooling is the flexibility. Some days you get a lot done and then other days not so much. If family comes into town, you can change your routine. If days before the holidays get crazy, you start your break early. You Read More…

The Aquarium Pacific Homeschool Day -2015

The Aquarium Pacific Homeschool Day -2015

Missing on this homeschool adventure is Adam, he had to attend his college class and couldn’t join us, but instead we brought a friend and new homeschooler, Tiara with her mom, Nancy.








Hidden Learning …

Hidden Learning …

An opportunity to learn something is everywhere and all the time and here is one of those moments. My kids love puzzles and they decided to complete a puzzle together. Look at what they chose. 🙂

Throwback 2008 – Homeschooling Day in China Town

Only Adam attended this homeschooling event, the other three were just a little too young. Held every year, homeschoolers come from everywhere to be a part of it. There were some schools but homeschoolers outnumbered them easily. 🙂

Throwback -Homeschool Farm Day 2008

This was really fun, farmers come from all over to introduce kids to animals and other things that are on a farm. This event was for both homeschoolers and public school students, homeschoolers got to stay all day if they wanted because they were not limited to span of time.




















After  farm day, we all went to the park and had a snack and played for a few hours. What a fun day.


Throwback 2008 -Our Visit to the Pig Farm

Our visit to pig farm happened when we joined other homeschoolers for the fieldtrip. Adam was 8, Kyle was 7, Blake was 5, and Aiden was 2. It was a lot of fun and great experience learning about pigs on the farm. We also met Read More…