Lockdown Days ???

Hi there… Not that much to share with the family, doing school at home was what we did before so that wasn’t a change for us. The hardest days were when it rained pretty much all day for a month minus 2-3 days. I like the rain but no break ? First break that we had, Blake joined me out in the garden to see how things were looking at they all looked pretty good, lots of green, lots of weeds. It will take us probably two or three weeks to get the garden really nice. Kyle and I completed a large number of puzzles, Aiden continued with what he does, and Adam found interesting ways of presenting himself on Zoom in his college classes.

On the Lockdown, disappointing sigh, ,too many people have been sleeping to really what is happening. Hey, WAKE THE F- UP! ” Sorry don’t buy it. Not saying that there wasn’t a virus, there was and it comes every winter season. And yes it was contagious, some say highly contagious but think about it – it is effecting the poor health of so many with the continuing use of pharma medicinals. Pharma knows it but humans are their cash cows until we are broke and /or dead.

The media’s fear porn or I will say hype to create fear among the general population was the bell that actually got those that didn’t trust them already to asking questions.

I am going to cut this off here for now.. except to say that there are others coming to this conclusion. I will create another post and put everything there because all the info will take time and you know what? It’s a beautiful sunny day out there and the birds are calling me to join them. TTYL friends! The Busy Mama

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