Meter Readings

Meter Readings from January 3, 2019 with Meter person next to me.
He got 99734/ me=same

Jan 3rd Water Meter Readings


Street Meter



Meter Readings from March 4, 2019 at 7am

Mar 4th and Water Meter Readings March 4th

Street Meter

Sub Meter


Meter Readings from March 5th -and sent on Mar 6th taken at request to see whole meter not able to see in other pics.

Scan of Submeter inspection, building permit person initialed paper on Nov 7th, called LADWP Sanitation to inform them submeter was signed off. Just missed November meter reading day.

Inspector’s sign off is right above receipt, he also came out a second time when his info couldn’t be found on March 14th in the afternoon.