Shelf Stable Meat, I Canned Pork Butt!

canned pork butt, shelf stable meat

Shelf Stable Meat and all its goodness made at home and not by Big Ag. Can this get any better? I must say first that other than bacon and the occasional pork chop, I had not heard about Pork Butt also known as Pork Loin. It was Leisa Suttons over at Suttons Daze that actually did a video on canning Pork Butt which you can see on youtube at Suttons Daze. I canned 6 quarts of Pork Butt and 1 quart should be able to feed half my family so 2 quarts per meal.

In the crazy times we are experiencing, it makes sense to keep a few more jars on food on the shelf especially shelf stable meat and the plus of canning meat is you know what has been put in the jars. It is a win win!

canned pork but

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