The Busy Mama

A Mom with 4 boys now men between the ages of 20 and 14 sharing interests- that’s pretty much it. I have had this website and a FB page since the oldest was 12 (I think) or just a bit older. My posts on this page are somewhat outdated but I am catching up. Like them great, Share them awesome, if you plan on posting negative energy- move on, not interested. Thanks.

Don’t let it’s Size Freak You Out!

Don’t let it’s Size Freak You Out! The canner was so big that I put it in the cabinet and left it there. Three years ago I watched a video on pressure canning and I liked the idea so much that I bought canner online right away. While I waited for its arrival, I thought […]

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First Pics of The Busy Mama Garden 2019

After all those weeks of rain with only a day here and there to clean things up before the next downpour, my family finally got the opportunity to spend three hours on a sunny day in the garden. Here are a few pics that I was able to take . More to follow in a […]

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Ending 2018 Krist Pic

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ELO with Adam (My Oldest)

Out with my kid, Adam, he was the only son that ended up with the concert gene. 🙂 The last time Jeff Lynne toured it was when I was a senior in high school and now he’s back and I get to see him with my kid! So jazzed, it was so much fun. I […]

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