The Easiest Meat To Can is Ugly Chicken

The Easiest Meat To Can is Ugly Chicken-Raw Packed. Cut boneless and skinless into 1 inch pieces and place in pint or quart jars leaving 1 and 1/4 inch head space at the top. Debubble the jars then wipe the top of the jar before placing the lid and ring on it. Can for pints for 75 min and for quarts 90 min. So simple, it is truly the easiest meat to can.

The term was created by Leisa Sutton, owner of the Sutton Daze website, a you tube channel, and facebook group. Leisa’s covers more than Ugly Chicken. She also hosts Canuary in January and a weekly Monday chaton canning and more. Below is the link to her video on Ugly Chicken and her website.

The easiest meat to can is ugly chicken, and canning ugly pork is a close second. Leisa has segments on several meats if you are curious check it. Even better there are links to channels that can too.

With all the crazy going on and food prices rising, canning ugly chicken and adding it to your food storage is a smart move and takes very little time.

Ugly Chicken

Everything You Need to Pressure Can Ugly Chicken

Suttons Daze

National Center for Home Preservation

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