The nice thing about homeschooling is the flexibility. Some days you get a lot done and then other days not so much. If family comes into town, you can change your routine. If days before the holidays get crazy, you start your break early. You are not stuck with the 7 to 3 or the 8 to 5. Homeschoolers actually spend more time schooling then their pubic school peers because there are always educational opportunities all around. Sitting at desk and working in a book is not necessary to learn.

We began homeschooling when our oldest was 5 and our youngest was just about to arrive. Adam went to the 2 hr kinder class and we supplemented his learning at home. When the first grade teacher’s letter arrived with a list of supplies, a list of dos and don’ts, and other info, I was less than thrilled. Most of the items should’ve been taken care of by the school not the parents or the teacher. I also saw the moments flash before me of being summoned to the school office because he would be done faster than the other kids and he would want to entertain them. So that was it, I tossed that letter and made the decision to homeschool.


Kyle and Adam (ages 4 and 5) reading on the couch on an early Sunday morning.

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