vincent krist

A Visit with the Cousins.

Finally after sometime of trying to meet up, we had an opportunity and got together for frozen yogurt. The kids had not seen each other in 3 years and before that I can not remember. So today after the visit to the Dr. G (DDS), we connected with Adam, Teresa, and their kids for yogurt. […]

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Rooster Teeth Convention or Bust ! 2016

The long awaited trip to the Rooster Teeth Convention in Austin, Texas.shown by pictures. A great guys trip thanks to the awesome Momma at home. Rooster Teeth Convention or Bust ! 2016 Out our  hotel window in Austin. Picking up the passes   With Chris Damarais (right) and Josh Flanagan (Left)   Last 3 have […]

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Pool Time! – Summer 2015

I can’t ever imagine having another home without a pool. We use our pool a lot from May thru September, it is especially important to our son, Kyle. Please follow and like us:0

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