If this bother’s you, then do something.

Please do not blow this off because it is not going away , think about you, your kids, your families and friends. Delete this, block me, stop talking to me, it won’t change a thing.

There are 271 vaccines in the pipeline, worse in the fact that lawmakers in many states have dismissed informed consent to parents regarding these and have dismissed informed consent to those in the military. The fact that doctors and nurses are taught how to give an injection but not what is in it or how to recognize a reaction.

NO vaccine has ever been tested for effectiveness only efficacy and that doesn’t mean it will work. Vaccine recipients are not only having their immune systems impaired but also shed what they have been injected with and herd immunity is a myth. Thanks for looking, The Busy Mama

This is a link from the CDC that shows what ingredients are in each vaccine and what ingredients are used to make each vaccine.


This is a link to explain what you are looking at.

FYi: WI-38 and MRC-5,and
anywhere it says human diploid cells is from aborted fetal cells. Live tissues are used in making many many vaccines this means that aborted fetus was alive when they were taking the tissue from it. ALIVE. They are not from dead fetuses, they had been alive when the tissues were taken.

The video will explain this, also about all the cancers kids are coming down with .

Please pass this on to your religious leader, the majority have absolutely no clue about any of this as well as everyone else and its crucially important for all of mankind that we know. It is disturbing that this is being hidden from us. #VAXXED #TRUTHWILLBEREVEALED.