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Why Did I Get Up At 7am on August 29th ?

Why Did I Get Up At 7am on August 29th ?

Why did I get up at 7am on August 29th? I got up at 7am to read my power meter at the same time as the meter reader, and confirm it with a picture. I don’t know how other utilities read their customers meters but Read More…


Hi. Please excuse the typos, I just got up. There are a lot of free and inexpensive materials out there and really there is no need to join a program. We have been homeschooling for 12 1/2 years and my first son (we have 4 Read More…

If this bother’s you, then do something.

Please do not blow this off because it is not going away , think about you, your kids, your families and friends. Delete this, block me, stop talking to me, it won’t change a thing.

There are 271 vaccines in the pipeline, worse in the fact that lawmakers in many states have dismissed informed consent to parents regarding these and have dismissed informed consent to those in the military. The fact that doctors and nurses are taught how to give an injection but not what is in it or how to recognize a reaction.

NO vaccine has ever been tested for effectiveness only efficacy and that doesn’t mean it will work. Vaccine recipients are not only having their immune systems impaired but also shed what they have been injected with and herd immunity is a myth. Thanks for looking, The Busy Mama

This is a link from the CDC that shows what ingredients are in each vaccine and what ingredients are used to make each vaccine.

This is a link to explain what you are looking at.

FYi: WI-38 and MRC-5,and
anywhere it says human diploid cells is from aborted fetal cells. Live tissues are used in making many many vaccines this means that aborted fetus was alive when they were taking the tissue from it. ALIVE. They are not from dead fetuses, they had been alive when the tissues were taken.

The video will explain this, also about all the cancers kids are coming down with .

Please pass this on to your religious leader, the majority have absolutely no clue about any of this as well as everyone else and its crucially important for all of mankind that we know. It is disturbing that this is being hidden from us. #VAXXED #TRUTHWILLBEREVEALED.

Why Many Are Sick… This is Spot ON!

Why Many Are Sick… This is Spot ON!

Why Many Are Sick… a title I am giving this post posted by a friend on FB. I initially shared it on FB but it is too good to let it go into the past there and never see or share it again, so here Read More…

Jan 20th, Trump takes Office. (yes, there are typos)

Reflection on today… There was a very large quiet portion of the US population across the nation that voted for Trump because they were not happy with the way things were going, They were not happy the way the DNC ended up., the forced acceptance of the TPP, the ACA, the support of Agenda 21, the education system/CC, the increase in homeless and unemployment, the insistence by our govt to ignore the importance of informed consent, and so many, many other issues.

>>>The one thing to me that was very noticeable that easily could be seen on fb and some news shows (although the news in the last few years is more like reading a cheap magazine from the check out isle at the market) is how so many people would get on the air to state their thoughts,and use the same line almost word for word as everyone on why they don’t like him or why they liked her but then when asked to elaborate on those thoughts, they couldn’t, they would stumble and the reporter has to fill the dead air space.

>>> I wonder how many that voted, truly did some research on who to vote for or just voted the way everyone else did as if it was voting for a who wore it best with two celebrities wearing the same outfit.

>>>How many were too busy or didn’t care to read beyond the cliff notes available to them before the voted for the most important office in the nation?? ?How many only listened to one news channel like CNN, the leader in fake news?? How many voted the way main media wanted them to and didn’t dig deeper for actual info to make such an important decision??. This decision was more than just a silly online poll.

>>>The election process and all the bull shit that followed would have been so much different if people chose to read, research, and actively debate on the issues and what the candidates stood for , if they knew more about the candidates (all of them or at least the last four-2 on each side) . It would have changed the flow if we demanded more from our media and did not let them just present “the fluff”. They presented the fluff because that is all of what we asked of them. If the public did more than acted like sheep and read more than cliff notes or watch one minute and 30 sec blurbs. I do not think the popular vote would have been so large if there was more thought, more consideration on their voting decisions.

>>>I hope the next 4 years we as a nation become a much stronger, well educated body of citizens and no longer behave like sheep. Just sayin..

The Only Vaccine with a Black Box Warning and its …

The Only Vaccine with a Black Box Warning and its …

Vit K, the only vaccine with a black box warning and its given to newborns in the first 12 hours! Crazy huh? It gets even crazier, an infant gets two others, one is for an STD, the Hep B vaccine. Never tested on babies, only Read More…

Dr.Toni Bark tells Us What Doctors Really Know..

Dr.Toni Bark says, “We can’t keep our kids alive, under the age of five,” when referring to the U.S. compared to other countries during her presentation at the Robin Shirley Take Back Your Health Lifestyleconference. She also talks about SIDS being caused by vaccines, medical Read More…

Skip the Idiot Box, and Go Read With Your Kids.

Reading is key. A child that can read and understands what he reads will never be bored.  Reading a book, a good book transforms its characters into the reader’s new bffs and takes the reader to places that he has never been. The reader can go slay a dragon, protect a castle, sail the seven seas, climb a tall mountain, ride in a spaceship, and become the leader of a nation and all from a safe place. Results of reading euphoria is first and foremost the initial budding of passion about life and everything that is in it. It sparks play and projects, it encourages the reader to think.

How do you get this started? Skip the idiot box. open a book and read to your child.  Read with your child and go on an adventure. Take it further and extend a search for information from the story by looking on the net. Don’t play teacher, talk about the story, share the reading experience. Reading with your children provides many many memories of shared times for both of you. It gives you an opportunity to get to know your kid beyond a shared meal and 10 minutes in the car.

Here is a link to help you spend less time finding amazing books to read with your kids.
Amazing Lovelly Things Booklist


Just Sayin..  This is in the DTaP

Just Sayin.. This is in the DTaP

This is in the DTap shot, you know the combo shot that doctors give to babies 3x in their first year of life then more another one by the age of 5 and yet another when they start junior high school, and anytime it seems Read More…

Just Saying.. Have WE Lost Our HUMANITY??

Just Saying.. Have WE Lost Our HUMANITY??

Have WE Lost Our HUMANITY?? It is just terrible that we allow our governments to treat others like this.. Those that hold office should spend at least a week as a homeless person to really understand that they represent everyone! If they did so, it Read More…

Just Saying… Hep B

Just Saying… Hep B

Hep B is a dangerous vaccine. It makes no sense to give it to a baby, a newborn baby just hours old the first shot in a series of shots for Hep B.  Soon to be moms are checked for Hep B through their pregnancies. If a mom tests positives there are other means to cure both Mom and baby.  A Hep B shot to a baby 12 hrs after birth, it makes no sense. The effectiveness of this drug which has never been proven and  yet the potential damage it can do is known. Continual  injections of the Hep B is “suppose to offer some protection but does a newborn, a toddler, or a school age child actually need it? I don’t know about you but I have never seen a two year old hustling on the street corner for his next drug fix with a needle? Just saying..

Hep B

Here are some quick facts about the Hep B vaccine from NVIC, please continue reading further with their link below and the links below that..

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B (HBV) is a viral infection that infects the liver and requires direct contact with infected blood or other body fluids for transmission. Most acute hepatitis B infections do not persist but if the infection lasts 6 months or longer, it could lead to chronic liver disease, liver cancer and death.[4]

Hepatitis B is not common in childhood in the U.S. and is not highly contagious in the same way that common childhood diseases like pertussis and chicken pox are contagious.

In the U.S., individuals at highest risk for hepatitis B infection are those, who engage in risky behaviors such as illegal IV drug abuse, prostitution, men who have sex with men, heterosexuals with multiple sexual partners and people who have received blood transfusions using infected blood. Healthcare workers, who are exposed to infected blood or body fluids of patients through contact with needles or medical devices used on patients, or when breaches in proper hygiene and/or infection control practices occur, are at high risk for becoming infected with hepatitis B. In 2010, there were 3,374 acute cases of hepatitis B reported in the U.S. [5,6,7,8]

NVIC- Vaccines and Diseases-Hep B Information

Why did I write this? I just read an article that discussed the rise in MS with the push of Hep B vaccinations among babies, teens, and adults in France.

Here are some links to check out:

Learn the Risk.Org

Evolution of multiple sclerosis in France since the beginning of hepatitis B vaccination

PDF: Hepatitis B triple series vaccine and developmental disability in US Children Aged 1-9 years>Iam’s Story-Age of Autism

Infant Hep B Vaccine-17 dead-Mercola

Just Saying…

Just Saying…

I am Not a Pharma Fan. More than 100k people every year die of their products and more harmed by them so their lives are never the same. What is the absolute worse is that Congress in 1986 gave vaccine makers blanket immunity for their Read More…